Where to Hunt

The Hageman Ranch has many good locations to look for or wait for game.   The articles contained in this section describe specific GPS identified points where people with many years of familiarity with the property have identified as good hunting spots.  These are always located where game have been seen or taken, or had fresh tracks nearby when the site was identified.

The  Ranch.kmz file that you can download and import into various GPS based android and iphone apps will give you detailed location information.  The way points identified in the file are described in the associated guides.

There are many apps that import .kmz files and provide mapping information while you are hunting.  My favorite is US Topo Maps professional that costs about $10 and works everywhere on the ranch.  It allows you to download and save various maps so that you don’t need an internet connection to get them on the fly.

So, down load the Ranch.kmz file from the link below.  Import it into your favorite GPS app and use Google Earth Pro at home to study the terrain before you arrive.

Then download the three hunting guides each of which cover a portion of the ranch:

Ranch.kmz << CLICK HERE

Ranch South  << CLICK HERE

Ranch North  << CLICK HERE

Ranch East    << CLICK HERE

Ranch Middle << CLICK HERE

These locations are suggestions and you may find the conditions at each site somewhat different than is reported within these documents, however, they give you an initial introduction to the ranch and will hopefully help in your pre-hunt planning.

If you have any suggestions or comments on these please email them to george@elkcolorado.com

Best regards and Happy Hunting!