Ranch Description

The Hageman Ranch offers 400 acres of private mule deer and elk hunting in the Colorado Rockies. The ranch provides do-it-yourself non-guided hunts supported by multiple day trespass lease.  We limit the number of hunters on the ranch to 4 helping to insure that there will be plenty of game and that your chances of a successful hunt are good. 

Owned and managed by George W. Hageman,  the Hageman Ranch provides the experienced hunter with an inexpensive way to enjoy some of the finest mule deer and elk big game hunting available.  By limiting hunting the number of hunters on the ranch at any one time we help to insure that your hunting experience will be successful. 

Only Archery Hunting will be allowed on the ranch this year (2024).  

Hunting Location:

Area 131:  Northwestern Colorado, Routt County, near Oak Creek. 

The ranch provides open field, sage, old scrub oak, and aspen forest hunting experiences on a wide range of terrain.  The widely varying terrain and forest types provides both the elk and deer hunter specific “best locations” for their particular license needs.  

The ranch is located on a high ridge that provides breath-taking views of Northern Colorado.  You can see into Wyoming from here which is 40 miles away!  Surrounded by beautiful scenery, you might want to spend some of your time taking pictures.

We recommend 4-wheel drive vehicles to get to the ranch,  ATVs may be used to pick up your harvested game if it is far off of a marked road.

To make a reservation, call me or email your request … 

CONTACT: George Hageman AT 321-446-1444  or george@elkcolorado.com