Rules of Hunting

Hunting is a Privilege

Not a Right.

This document serves as a testament that hunting on Hageman Ranch is a privilege granted to individuals who adhere to the following rules. It is imperative to recognize that hunting on this property is not an inherent right but a privilege contingent upon compliance with the stipulated regulations. The preservation of this privilege is vital for both the hunter and the delicate hunting environment on the ranch.

  1. Liability Release Form:
    • Every hunter must execute and furnish the owner with a duly signed “Hageman Ranch LLC. Liability Release Form” prior to engaging in any hunting activities.
  2. Gate Security:
    • Upon arrival and departure, it is mandatory to securely close, chain, and lock (if present) the entrance gate behind you.
  3. Parking Protocol:
    • Park exclusively in the designated area, accessible preferably by a 4WD vehicle. Record your entry and exit in the registry book situated at the parking location.
  4. Trespass Permission Badge:
    • Hunters are obligated to wear their trespass permission badge visibly at all times during hunting activities. Report any hunters without a visible current trespass permission badge to the owner, George, at 321-446-1444.
  5. Waste Disposal:
    • Remove all refuse from the ranch, as there are no trash receptacles on the premises. Pack it in and then pack it out.
  6. Travel on Foot:
    • Walk from the parking area to hunting zones and respective positions, refraining from using 4WD vehicles for this purpose. Exceptions may be considered for individuals with mobility disabilities; contact George at 321-446-1444 for a special consideration.
  7. Stationary Hunting Techniques:
    • Hunters are encouraged to employ stationary methods such as sitting, blinds, or stands to minimize disturbance and prevent game displacement. Tree stands are not permitted.
  8. Respect for Fellow Hunters:
    • Hunting areas are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. If an area is already claimed, hunters are expected to seek alternative locations.
  9. Game Retrieval and Vehicle Usage:
    • Exclusively use 4WD vehicles for retrieving downed game and transporting it to the parking area. Manually carry game to marked roads before vehicular transport. Do not create new roads or trails.
  10. Property Boundary Awareness:
    • Stay within the property boundaries outlined on the provided map. Familiarize yourself with GPS locations or rely on physical markers like fences to avoid unintentional trespassing.
  11. Private Zone and Restrictions:
    • Do not hunt in the “Private Zone” as delineated on the map, respecting the privacy of the residents in the designated private home.
  12. Prohibited Activities:
    • The consumption of alcohol, open fires, and overnight camping are strictly prohibited on the property.
  13. Property Policing:
    • All hunters bear the responsibility of monitoring and reporting violations of the aforementioned rules. Contact George at 321-446-1444 to report any observed infractions.

By engaging in hunting activities on Hageman Ranch, individuals explicitly acknowledge and agree to adhere to these guidelines, understanding that any violation may result in the revocation of their hunting privileges on the property.