Rates and Rules

Trespass Lease Rates

The Hunting Trespass Lease costs $100/day per hunter.  Single day hunts are allowed.  All reservations are on a first come, first serve basis. You will need to confirm that you have read and understand the Conditions before you will be able to make your reservation.

To make a reservation first please select “Available Hunts” from the top menu to determine if the hunting dates that you want are in fact available.  Then send an email to george@elkcolorado.com requesting your dates.   I will need the following information to make your reservation:

   (1) down load, fill in the “Trespass Lease For Hunting” with the appropriate information.  Scan and send a copy to me at my email address.  Send two signed copies to my snail mail address below.

   (2) down load, fill in the “Hageman Ranch LLC Release of Liability … “.  Scan and send a copy to me at my email address.  Send an original signed copy to my snail mail address below.

   (3) Provide your residence address and a passport like photo (jpeg) in an email to me so I can make up your trespass badge for you.

   (4) I will send to you a request for payment via payPal.

   (5) Let me know what vehicle you will be using including the license plate number.  Add this to one of the emails above.

Snail Mail address:

Hageman Ranch LLC

P.O. Box 95

Oak Creek, CO 80467

All Liability Releases for any given hunting party must be received before the party’s Hunting Trespass Lease Badges will be issued.  

Badges will be issued for all registered hunts in advance of the hunting date.   These must be available for inspection by ranch personnel while hunting.

For more information either call me at 321-446-1444, or send email to:  george@elkcolorado.com  

Thank you, and good hunting!

George Hageman